Grant applications will be accepted only from IRS tax-exempt agencies. No grants to individuals will be made. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that their organization is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization before submitting an application.

The Foundation can award grants to organizations and groups that have a nonprofit fiscal sponsor or fiduciary agent.

All grant awardees will be asked to share publicity/media coverage that includes Feldpausch Foundation with the Foundation via email. We may ask to have a site visit and photo opp as well.

A brief final report will be requested 30 days from end of funding period.


Target Populations – May Include Infants to Seniors

Arts & Culture
Health & Wellness


Calhoun County; Barry County, Michigan


The Feldpausch Foundation Board makes funding decisions quarterly:
February, May, September, December

Letters of Inquiry can be submitted at any time.

IF REQUESTED to submit a full proposal – it may be submitted anytime, but will be reviewed at the nearest quarterly meeting.
It must be in by the 1st of the month of next quarterly meeting.

Final grant decisions will be announced 6-12 weeks after each deadline.




Annual Fund Drives

Previously successful grant applicants are eligible to apply for funding every 12 months.

Applications sent by mail or fax will not be accepted.

Applications / inquiries may be sent at any time to
Att: Kim Brubaker

We ask you to submit a Letter of Inquiry (by email) BEFORE requesting a full proposal. We recognize your time and resources are valuable.

Even if the Feldpausch Foundation requests that your organization submit a full proposal, that still does not indicate that a grant will definitely be given.

A letter of inquiry should be no more than two pages and must include the following:

  • Executive Summary: A one paragraph executive summary describing the project for which the organization is seeking funding, including the project title.
  • Brief Description of Project: Additional information about the project, as space permits
  • Contact: The name, title, address, telephone number, fax number and email address of the primary contact person.
  • Request: The total amount requested from Feldpausch Foundation.

Organizations that submit a letter of inquiry and meet Feldpausch Foundation’s grant guidelines may be asked to submit a proposal application.

Only those proposal applications invited by Feldpausch Foundation representatives are accepted. At that time only, proposals should be e-mailed with the following:

  • List of current board members, officers, and their affiliations
  • One-paragraph description of each key staff member, including qualifications relevant to the specific request
  • Most recently completed fiscal year financial statements, whether audited or unaudited
  • Budget for the proposed program (if applicable)
  • IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt letter or evidence of government agency status under 170(c)
  • Latest annual report, if available
  • List of Pending Donors
  • List of requests to Feldpausch Foundation for past 2 years. Please include both acceptances and declines with dollar amounts
  • E-mail application (in Word format, not in .pdf format)

What are the chances of receiving a grant?
Many worthwhile organizations approach the Feldpausch Foundation for support. The process is competitive. Even if a project fits within our guidelines, it will not necessarily be funded

Grantees who fail to submit the required final report will not be considered for future funding.